I do not remember how much time has passed since I got out of the collapse of the underground. May be a few months have passed, perhaps few years. I don’t remember anything of my life, perhaps my mind is clinging the instinct of self-preservation doesn’t allow me to remember. Some scraps of recollections strangle and tear me to pieces and I pray to wake up. Memory came back to me about a month ago.

Emptiness and mist. Emptiness and mist… and then the Dusk followed.

    Flash… Stroke… Shrilly ringing in the ears which spilled with smashing pain and fear, the assembly of voices has been bursting it. And through the voices I’ve managed to make out the repetitive one “Wake up…”

    Feeling deadly hunger, I was sitting on a pile of something strange and chewing. At first I realized that it was a paper, then it was me, then my memory came back, which I had before the Fall. Later on I have orientated myself. My location was not far from the subway, which is almost buried me. The world presented the abandoned houses and trash, there were no people at all. Alive people...

    Getting through the mist, losing consciousness I got home. After a while, "pillaging" the neighboring apartments and surrounded by a familiar way of life I’ve started to rebound. I thought if I exist, the other people could exist too. Heavy hurricanes and rains, after which the skin itched terribly did not allow to go to a long expedition. I was able to get a receiver and a portable radio transmitter. During this time besides the abandoned houses, I've only seen madmen affected by radiation, fanatics and cannibals. 

    Now I'm looking for survivors. Send my position data. We must unite together to find a way to break out of this madness, avoiding past mistakes, to construct the World as we remember it. It seems, I've found the right Tools.

- Over… Over… Does anyone read me? Over… Over…Are there any survivors?!

- Over... Damn ... If you can read me…




                                    © alis