After the numerous wars were conducted, a powerful State rose, which has managed to subdue the others. Skillfully manipulating the resources and the people it has concentrated in its hands all the military, economic and scientific power of the time. The political leaders of competitive superstates were replaced and its potential gradually broken-down.

    The reign of the King wasn’t long. Economic and environmental problems, rushing up at a new civilization, have given rise to the numerous guerrilla movements.

    The savage Civil War has begun in which the opposition has been practically destroyed. There remain the terrorists and… nuclear weapon. Refusing to negotiate after the first attacks, the destruction of entire regions during counter-terrorist operations - determined the fate of the generation.

    The Empire as well as the substantial part of the land has been destroyed. The global infrastructure was annihilated. The remaining scientific community and the Imperial army settled on a small island, closed it and called themselves the "Patrol". They swore not to allow another nuclear war and not to interfere the human’s affairs until they do not threaten self –destruction.

    The survivors of a nuclear fallout were swallowed by chaos and madness.

 The world fell into the Dark…


                                    © alis

 6r0m | translated by Mr.Gray | 2013 - present